Awami Justice Party Pakistan

About Us

AJP Pakistan is emerging political party of Pakistan . this party was made to paint the liberal face of Islam . AJP is struggling for democratic , welfare and Islamic Pakistan . AJP represent all the masses of Pakistan.

Our Mission

AJP mission is to provide every Pakistani a respectful status by awarding them ” need base education and employment”.


AJP is distinct party having different aptitude from other parties in a sense.


AJP has a clear cut vision about the country. our vision is to develop the country economically first.

Chairman Massage

  1. Justice for all.
  2. Employment equal on” merit”.
  3. Unity is key to strength.

Justice for all masses will be achieve by implementing rule of law equally, ignoring the wietage of all status .

Peoples should elect right party through peaceful voting process.

So our country will flourish in the all fields of life .

What's New

The Latest News From The Campaign

President Massage

  1. Welfare of massage by “the change of education system”.
  2. Justice at basic level through jury system.
  3. Relief to the people through party cards.

The progress of country is attach with the change of education system , justice system through jury on union council level and uplift of masses life with economic progress.

Our Great Team

Together for the better society
1-Mahar Ghulam Mustafa Mangan

1-Mahar Ghulam Mustafa Mangan

Founder & Guardian
2-Syeda Nighat Ashfaq

2-Syeda Nighat Ashfaq

President - Women Wing
3-Farhan Farooq

3-Farhan Farooq

President - Youth Wing

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Address: 26-B1, P.G.S.H.F. Main Satiana Road, Faisalabad